Sun Tattoos

Here are a number of sun tattoos for you to enjoy. The life giving Sun has been worshipped from when time began and a sun tattoo is said to signify joy, confidence,optimism, happiness and good health.

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Sun Tattoos with Horus on Arm

Sun Tattoo with Horus by awesomeida

The Sun tattoo is on his left upper arm. Under the blue part was a scar. Primarily he wanted to cover up the scar, however he decided to create a sun tattoo dedicated to his son Daniel.

The Sun tattoo shows 4 elements: fire, earth, water and air. which correspond to the 4 nature-elements. The first element is the sun which means fire. The second element is the blue part within the tribal – which means water. The third one is the tribal itself. Its loops are representing the wind – which means air. The fourth and last element is the earth. This is where we all live and where we all go when we die. The name Daniel and his birthdate are representing Daniel himself, meaning the element earth.

Sun Tattoo second meaning:
You can see an eye within the sun. Horus is one of the most ancient deities of the Ancient Egyptian religion. One of the most important associations with Horus is the eye of Horus which was an Egyptian symbol of power. The two lines coming out of the eye describe the injury Horus got in a struggle with his uncle Set, who has murdered Osiris in attempt to seize the Egyptian throne. Horus was also a guardian for children. All these meanings are possible reasons for my choice of this symbol.

The eye of Horus is placed within the sun, standing above the wind, the water and the name (and therefore the person) Daniel.
The sun – as a symbol for life – got the power for guarding Daniel through the ups and downs of life (wind, water).

Sun Tattoo on Lower Back Tribal

Sun Tattoo tribal style photo wishymom

Nice lower back tattoo its a symmetrical sun tattoo in a tribal style

Sun Tattoo on Arm with Samurai

samurai Sun Tattoo photo Shanno Archuleta
Really likes this Samurai sun tattoo one of my favorite Sun tattoos

Sun God Tattoo

Sun God Tattoo photo Slurv
Located on back of lower leg one nice looking sun tattoo

Sun God Tattoo on Back of Leg Finished

Sun God Tattoo Finished photo slurv

Sun Tattoo on Upper Arm

Sun on Arm photo abocon

Sun Burst Tattoo on back of Leg

Sun Burst Tattoo photo istolethetv

Sun Face on Upper Back Tattoo

Sun Face Tattoo photo diemieux
Nice feminine looking sun tattoo I really like the details of the solar flares in this one

Celtic Sun Tattoo on Arm

Celtic Sun Tattoo photo stian olsen

Sun Tattoo on Shoulder Tribal Style

Sun Tattoo on Shoulder photo thomas hawk

Sun and Moon Tattoo on Leg

Sun and Moon Tattoo photo ardailsmith
Liked the design of this tattoo with the sun and the moon kissing


  1. Dave Marsh

    The sun god leg tattoo it awesome, just leaving it black really makes it work.
    How much would a pattern of it cost or could you email me a flat scanned image please.

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