Samurai Tattoos

Today I going to be looking at samurai tattoos and with covering a bit of history behind the what a samurai was etc to give you an idea of the life they lived. My take on this is if you are going to have something on your body you should understand it cultural background.

Don’t worry just scroll down  to  see  the samurai tattoos

Samurai Tattoo meaning and who were they?

Samurai History Video below

The samurai were Japanese warrior noblemen

The samurai dominated japan for a thousand years from the both through to the 19th Centuries

Their clans and overlords constantly fought against each other

Honor was so much a part of Samurai life that warriors would commit ritual suicide if ever the code was broken.

A samurai carried two hand forged swoords the katana (long) and the wakiashi (short) which he saw as part of his soul

Samurai armor was made of iron brass and leather and would take 4 to 7 months to make, with the samurai helmet contain up to 100 metal plates riveted together

The Samurai share a strict code of military honor called Bushido

Bushido Explained

Bushido  the code of honor for Samurai explained in a video below

Bushido has 4 main principles

Frugality: The samurai no matter his wealth, the samurai lived simply with few comforts

Loyalty: The samurai unquestioningly followed and defended his warlord or Emperor

Martial Arts Mastery: The samurai was artist with his weapons, which include the katana which is a curved, single edge swrd, the yumi a long wooden bow with bamboo arrows, yari a speear

Honor to the death: Honor was so much a part of Samurai life that warriors would commit ritual suicide if ever the code was broken. He could only restore his honor through the ritual of seppuku suicide by slicing open his abdomen

The emperor Meiji officially abolished the samurai in 1868


Black samurai tattoo leg standing on head

samurai tattoo leg


samurai swords man tattoo in black and white on back of leg

samurai swordsman tattoo

Tattoo Samurai oriental really awesome tattoo on thigh with sword


tattoo samurai oriental


Samurai tattoo on shoulder fighting a red demon

samurai tattoo shoulder


Two samurai Tattoo back with lotus blossom and red sun in back ground done by Sarah at Spear studio in Birmingham UK


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