Story of a Womens First Tattoo

Here is a ladies account of having her first tattoo done:-

This tattoo was my birthday present to myself for my 37th birthday. My first tattoo. I’ve been thinking of getting one for years and have been too chicken and hadn’t found one that I liked enough to live with for the rest of my life, but started looking for a tattoo a few months back and finally found this celtic heart design tattoo. I made my appointment at the tattooist and got it done, along with a couple of piercings no one but a select few will ever see ;-)

Anyone who tells you that getting a tattoo doesn’t hurt is a lying sack of sh*t. It hurt. A lot. It took a little over an hour for the tattoo to be done, and I will liken the pain in intensity to hard labor pains – the kind you have after the water breaks. It’s a different kind of pain, but matching in intensity…only instead of coming in waves, it’s constant for an hour!

Tom took an extra long lunch hour and drove all the way from Jacksonville to meet me at the tattoo shop in Springfield to hold my hand an keep my attention elsewhere while I was getting it. I’m SO thankful he did, cuz when he was there, it was much less painful than when he wasn’t…you know how some people are just comforting by their presence? Well, he is, and I thought it was so sweet of him to take a big chunk out of his day to come give me moral support when having my tattoo and take care of me afterward when I was all shaky from the pain.

When it was over, I was shaky all over and couldn’t make my muscles relax, so I was glad Tom drove us to go have lunch – and I had a margarita to settle myself down. By the time lunch was over, I’d relaxed a bit and stopped shaking enough that I was fine to drive home.

Tom thinks he’s gonna get blamed for being a bad influence on me since I got the tattoo and the piercings – but truth be told, all were totally my idea – things I’d thought of doing for a long time and just hadn’t ever worked up the nerve. If anything, he told me not to jump into getting anything I wasn’t sure about.

NOT that he’s not quite thrilled with them – just that the idea and the decision was totally my own.

It’s supposed to take anywhere from 2-4 weeks for a tattoo to totally heal, but so far, it seems to be doing pretty well – no big thick scabbing at all yet. Time will tell…

It’s awful purdy though. I like it a lot.

The best part is, I’m all decorated up when I’m nekkid, and yet I look totally normal when dressed! Just knowing I’ve got a little wildness going on under the surface makes me feel a little younger. :)

So without further a do here is my Celtric Heart tattoo which is one my lower back, here are some more lower back tattoos

Celtic heart lower back tattoo

Whats was your first tattoo like? Leave a comment below…