Star Tattoos

Here are a number of star tattoos for you to enjoy. The star signifies the knowledge of good and truth as they shine at night. Also the meaning of a star signifies the birth of a child in Christian terms the star signifies the birth of Jesus at Christmas.

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Star Tattoos on Foot

Star tattoos on foot by thegirlsmoma

Shooting Star Rainbow Tattoo

Shooting Star Rainbow Tattoo by ClintJCL

I really like this shooting star which is combined with a star and the rainbow means hope, redemption, good news, and the ending of gloom.

Star Tattoos on chest

Star Tattoos on upper chest by nextagain

These star tattoos are in a Russian and nautical style. Close up of one of the tattoo stars

Star tattoo close up by nextagain

Star Tattoo with Words

Star tattoo with words in side by I am Pauls Typing Fingers

I liked this tattoo with words inside to describe what was important to the person. This is inked on the upper back.

Mario Star Tattoo

Mario Star Tattoo by Sea Mark

Sun Moon Star Tattoo in a Tribal Style

Sun Moon Star Tattoos by Jessica Driver

Star Tattoo on Back

Star tattoo on back photo by Clintjcl

Star Tattoo on Neck

Star Tattoo on neck photo by Kacyphoto

Star Tattoo on Foot

Star Tattoo on foot photo by augrust

Star Tattoos along the torso

Star Tattoo down side of body augrust

Born to be a Star Tattoo

Born to be a star photo by philippe leroyer

I really liked to this tattoo the mixture of stars and swirls

Star and Butterfly Tattoo

Star and Butterfly Tattoo by Anton Peck

A combination of star and butterfly design with a tribal style background

Star and Tribal Design

Star and tribal tattoo design photo by dumbanimal

Like the mixture of stars and tribal design over the arms


  1. Rosa Martinez

    i love the star designs, but im looking for one in particular….a shooting star going across the hip bone. On my right side.

  2. nasira

    This Tattoo is so cute…..i want One!!!

  3. alyssa

    i love star tattoos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. prime

    all the girls look gorgeous, stars are a beauty of a theme, its a guaranteed win in monotone and in colour gorgeous, the combination styles with star themes are superb, the guy with the shoulder pieces and star in the back is my favourit for me, an the girl with the born to be a star is gorgeous also, i wish i could have her/that.

  5. Tarun gupta

    I love tattoo.

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