Henna Tattoos

A really nice selection of Henna tattoos on various parts of the body mainly on the hand. Hope you enjoy it

Henna Hand Tattoo on both hands
Henna Tattoo on both hands photo by zen

Henna Hand Tattoo on top of hands
Henna Tattos on top of hand by Zen

Henna Tattoo being applied on inner arm
Henna Tattoo being applied photo by stephcarter

Henna tattoo on top of hands with details on end of fingers
Henna Tattoos with details on finger tips by swimabu

Obama Henna Tattoo
Obama Symbolic tattoo by Wendy Mendhi
Symbolic henna tattoo design created for the US Election

The sun, rising from the darkness…
Thirteen stars for the 13 original colonies…
A message of Hope, with Peace within…
Wings of Freedom…
An “O” for Obama…
An eye, looking forward to our future…

Full Foot Henna Tattoo
Foot Henna Tattoo photo by Irina Souiki

Belly Henna Tattoo
Belly Henna Tattoo photo by Artisan Henna

Pregnant stomach henna tattoo
Henna Tattoo on pregnant belly by Artisan Henna

Nice Foot Henna Tattoo across the top of foot
Simple henna tatto across foot photo by Henna Soog

Bridal Henna Tattoo
Bridal Henna Tattoo photo by sarboo

Henna Back Tattoo
Henna Back Tattoo photo by elainevdw

Henna Hand Tattoo design
Henna Hand Tattoo photo by Mskadu

Head Henna Tattoo
Head Henna Tattoo by Elainevdw


  1. karolina

    i will love to get the back tattoo

  2. omg…………wow!!!!!

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