Flower & Butterfly Tattoos

ere are some really beautiful flower butterfly tattoos, the butterfly in flowers tattoos is said to mean fair attainments and prosperity when together. Since both are in full bloom, the flower emerge from its bud and the butterfly from its chrysalis. The flower aspect of the butterfly tattoo means simplicity, hope, growth and innocence. While the butterfly is a symbol for transformation.

All in all these designs tend to be delicate and also give the tattooist an opportunity to show his or her skill with the intricacies of flower butterfly tattoo design.

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Flower Butterfly Tattoo located on the top of Foot

Flower and Butterfly Tattoo Located on Foot photoby cwalker71

Flower and Butterfly tattoo on Lower Leg

Flowers and Butterfly on Lower Leg photo by Tomahawktim

Really liked the way this tattoo was drawn and how the flowers are placed and the details of the leaves of the flowers on the tattoo, its a well balanced tattoo design.

A Wrist Full of Flowers and Butterfly Tattoos

A Wrist Full of Butterfly Tattoos photo by purplbutrfly

Rose Flower and Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly Tattoo with Rose Flower photo David Yawn

The Rest of the Rose

The Rest of the Rose Flower Butterfly Tattoo photo david yawn

Really Nice Tropical Flowers and Butterflies Tattoo

Tropical Flowers and Butterflies Tattoo photo mez love

This tattoo is gorgeous really like the tropical type plants and the detail, notice the other butterfly on the top of the shoulder.

Another Really Gorgeous Flowers and Butterflys Tattoo

Another Flowers and Butterfly Tattoo photo ruperto berlim

Little Butterfly and Flower Tattoo (Before)

Little Butterfly and Flows Tattoo Before photo elferesco

See how this tattoo is transformed into a larger tattoo across this girls back.

Little Butterfly and Flower Tattoo (During)

Little Butterfly and Flower Tattoo Mid Transformation photo effloresco

Big Butterfly and Flower Tattoo (Finished)

Little Butterfly and Flower Tattoo Finished


  1. rachel

    i really like the butterfly on the foot its really pretty and i’m going to get one similar thanks for inspiring me

  2. I am also very fond of designed tattoos on my body. i like to darw a tattoo on my body.
    your collection is superb.
    Thanks for such a nice collection.


  4. ash

    the fifth and last tattoo is sexy

  5. shondre coleman

    i like yall tatoos

  6. carrie

    love it!!! Detail is so awsome!!!

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