Lower Back Tattoos

I have put together a selction of lower back tattoos photos which gives you an idea of the the diversity of what can be done on the lower back, as you can see there tend be popular with women as they can be easily covered up when needed.  Dont forget to leave a comment

Lower Back Tattoo Tribal Style with Heart
Tribal Heart Tattoo on Lower Back photo robw

Nice Lower Back Butterfly Tattoo With Flowers
Nice Butterfly and Flower Tattoo on Lower Back photo sarahwbs
I like the detail of the butterfly.

Tribal Lower Back Sun Tattoo
Tribal Lower Back Sun Tattoo photo madtrap

Delicate Flower Tattoo on Lower Back
Delicate Purple Flower Tattoo on Lower Back photo cwalker71

Butterfly and Flowers Back Tattoo
Butterfly With Flowers photo cwwalker71

Water in Fire Tattoo Lower Back
Water into fire lower Back Tattoo
This lower back tattoo signifies transformation, of water into fire, the interaction of Piscean
and Pitha natures.

Celtic Heart Design on Lower Back
Celtic heart lower back tattoo
To read further about the experience of having this tattoo done

Lower Back Tribal Style Tattoo
Tribal Lower Back tattoo

Japanese Style Lotus Blossom Lower Back Tattoo
Lotus Blossom Japanese Lower Back Tattoo photo wemayfreeze
Really nice a femine, all I can say is Beautiful!!!

Japanese Lotus Blossom Lower Back Tattoo


  1. sonia

    I love the last two pictures. I myself am thinking about getting a Japanese cherry blossom tree tattoo. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Danny

    The lotus Blossom Tattoo is elegant, stunning and sexy. i would like to see more art work like that if you have any. Please email me if you do. ~thanx~

  3. Jonequa

    I love these tattoos!!!

  4. great art very nice tattoos!!!!

  5. prime

    wow really really nice….
    i wana cherry blossom tattoo,
    the girls look realy really good, i am considering it…

  6. deedee

    tatoos our great more u get more nu want

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